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The DataSmart Search Engine Optimization Process

Website Audit

Deep dive into your website to understand the total health.


Custom strategy from data driven insights and best practices.


Monthly review and reporting identifying work completed and goals.

Best Practices

Ways we grow your organic ranking that are SEO best practices:

Data Driven SEO

Making sure your website is seen and heard by the right people requires an effective strategy. Our campaigns will help improve your ranking on search engine results pages through purposeful action, such as content optimization, local listing submission & management, link building/earning and more – all so you can connect with potential customers!

DataSmart Digital SEO Services


Local Listings

User Experience

Be Seen...

Achieving success in the digital world comes down to being seen. SEO services can help make that happen by optimizing your website’s performance, addressing backend issues and developing a content strategy tailored specifically for those you want to reach. We find out what needs fixing so more people will be drawn towards finding you online, then dive into key words designed to get real results.